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Our mission is to identify, build, and maximize opportunities for our Technical Talent across multiple disciplines here in the Boston area. To set the new standard in providing fully integrated, insanely focused representation to ensure success at all stages of their career. After all, our people are our product, and you can only be as good as the product you are offering.

Personalized service from fun, caring people who appreciate having real relationships anchored by years of providing exceptional experiences and results. Simply put, we love what we do and both our clients and talent tell us our passion is infectious.


Talent Recruitment:

Instant access to our vast network of experienced engineers who are always on the lookout for new and interesting challenges to solve. We deliver hand selected, pre-interviewed engineers who have already expressed interest in your organization. We always use a variety of methods to attract a diverse pool of qualified applicants matching your specific desires.


Pipeline Creation:

Our proven process gets your opportunity in front of the people you want to hire. We partner with you to refine your job description, establish an understanding of your organizational needs, and quickly engage the engineering community with our highly personalized approach. We further identify ourselves as a true partner to any type of job seeker through a deeper understanding of technology and how it works. We’re attending meet-up groups and other Boston area networking events, working the room so you don’t have to.


Interview Management:

We partner with you to schedule interviews with top candidates whom you’ve confirmed interest in speaking with. Within 48 hours, we give you the opportunity to meet directly with the talent we represent and review their work history, experience, and passion for your business in more detail. We keep you ahead of your competitors by identifying potential hires and putting you in the best position to get an offer accepted.


Offer Negotiation:

With years of experience negotiating salaries for highly skilled engineers of all levels, we take the awkwardness out of this potentially uncomfortable situation. We accomplish this through consistent and transparent communication with all parties. We educate our clients on current market conditions and trends they should consider when making or evaluating any offer, while coaching them through the entire offer and acceptance process.


Bill Sullivan

Founder, Head of Talent Solutions

"It's amazing what you can do in this game with a heart and a brain." - Buddy Bell

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