The Tyche Project

 Bill is by far the best recruiter I’ve worked with in my career. He genuinely cares that a role is the perfect fit and matched me with a fantastic company with a mission I strongly believe in. He has consistently provided me with unique opportunities that I’ve rarely heard about from other recruiters and they’re always top of the line companies that value their employees. He takes a unique twist on recruiting actually searching for the right fit and that’s why Bill is always the first person I reach out to when I decide to consider a new role. 


 Bill is a phenomenal recruiter who really stands out to me from others. Unlike a lot of the recruiting industry, Bill values taking the time to get to know you and your interests/goals. He has a really solid understanding of technical stuff too which makes him easier to work with. There is a lot more to a job than just a salary, and I feel like Bill actually wants to place people at good companies instead of just sending them off anywhere. He has a great network and tons of experience that will help you find whatever company you're looking for. And also, he's a really nice guy who is a pleasure to work with! 


 Bill is seriously the best recruiter I've worked with, hands down. And in the times I've looked for a new gig, I've talked to many recruiters. I was living in Charlotte, looking to relocate to Boston with my partner who had just gotten a job in the area. From the moment I spoke with Bill, I felt comfortable and assured that he was going to help me find an amazing job that was an excellent fit for me -- and he did. He took the time to get to know me and my story, presented several potential job opportunities after our first phone call, followed up with the status of each application, and touched base very often. The guesswork and "ghosting" that I've experienced working with many other recruiters was not an issue. Bill is amazing at what he does, and I would recommend anyone looking for a gig in technology to work with him. 


 Bill reached out to me after a friend's referral and he was very friendly and professional from the get go. He was very knowledgeable about software development careers and the local Boston tech scene, as he attends dev meetups regularly and stays on top of how the tech industry is faring. He was able to connect me to roles that best fit my experience, my plans for my career, and that were great personality fits. He helped me with all stages of the process and pushed me to do very well during the interview process. I'm really happy with the help he's given me and with the massive upgrade to my career that he afforded me. Couldn't recommend Bill enough. 


 As a software engineer, I wish that the technical recruiting industry was full of people like Bill. He genuinely understands the technologies for the positions he is recruiting for, and works with you to understand what is critical to your professional development. Most importantly, Bill and his team are excellent communicators; always prompt in responding to email/calls and even go the extra mile with things like "good luck" texts before interviews.   I'd highly recommend working with the Tyche Project if you are looking for a new position, or just exploring what opportunities are out there. 


 Bill is unlike any other recruiter I have encountered. He is respected by great employers, understands technical quality, and creates a personal relationship that is miles above the typical boiler-roomhustler. I would definitely recommend him to any employer or jobhunter seeking more quality matches and fewer empty promises. 


 Bill was awesome to work with and I'm glad that we were connected. He maintained a friendly relationship and professionally handled my latest job search. I'd recommend Bill Sullivan toanyone looking for a solid recruiter and a pain-free jobhunt experience. 


 Bill helped me make a switch to a great position at a company that was perfectly matched with what I was looking for. A lot of recruiters who I worked with had roles in mind before meeting me and if I wasn't interested were never heard from again. Bill and Co. came back multiple times with new suggestions, always helpful and thought out.   While in the interview process he was good about updating me and letting me know what was happening. Giving me helpful tips and thoughts on the process.  


 Bill helped me find a company that really fit me as an engineer. He worked tirelessly in my favor and I ended up taking a wonderful job with some of the best minds I've ever encountered. Bill listened carefully to my desires about the work I wanted and the salary I wanted to do it for, and then hit it out of the park. If I need another career shift in the future, I'm definitely going to him again! 


 In 2016, I signed a new apartment lease in Boston, MA, making official my decision to leave Michigan and move to a new city. This meant I'd be leaving a job that I loved, and I was feeling a bit overwhelmed at the idea of starting a new job search in a city that I knew little about and where I had few connections. A mutual acquaintance put me in contact with Bill, and suggested I shoot him an email and tell him what I was looking for. Within about a week, Bill had lined up interviews for me with a number of companies that fit my "must-haves", and provided me with tailored insight about which companies he thought I would both enjoy, and would be great for me in terms of career growth. Throughout the interview processes, Bill did an excellent job keeping me posted on a daily basis regarding feedback and updates, always answered my calls, and responded to emails quickly. I received multiple offers as a result of the interviews, all of which were excellent opportunities that I would've been happy to accept. But one particular opportunity I was very excited about. Bill was instrumental in helping me land this opportunity, all the while keeping the other companies in the loop throughout the decision process. I felt far less stressed having Bill manage this process for me, and on top of the professional guidance, he always made me feel like an old friend as opposed to a client. Bill is, without a doubt, one of the best in the business.   


 Bill is not only a great recruiter, but also a great person to work with. He has consistently brought in highly qualified product manager candidates into our group. He had a great grasp of the company culture as well as our products. And he made the recruiting process, which at times can be a difficult for busy teams, efficient and fun. 


 Bill was a pleasure to work with and was able to find some excellent opportunities in very short order. He spent the time to speak with me about what I wanted, and didn't waste a moment of my time. Through Bill I accepted an offer from a wonderful company I am very excited to be a part of. The whole process took about 2 and half weeks and I was able to reach Bill almost any time of the day and got responses from email within minutes. I would recommend Bill to anyone.